The changing face of modern living.

Change is inevitable. In countries like Australia the landscape and dynamics of modern living are changing so rapidly.

I live in Sydney, Australia and I absolutely love it! A recent article by Daily Mail, posted early in January 2017 (on Social Media) labelled Sydney as the New York of the southern hemisphere. That’s a pretty big call, for Sydney to be another big apple of the world. Can we have 2 big apples…? I think we can!

So, what has changed? How is Sydney now to be seen as the next big apple?

Well, there is a now a whole new way of living that has influenced the way people think about the modern life in a large capital city. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe we are done with the ideology that the lifetime goal was to own a 3-4-bedroom home with a big back yard. I’m not entirely sure how far into the future we need to travel to see if this past ideology has faded into the distant.

Today across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and even Canberra, apartment-style living that is close to the city and has amenities such as the beaches, fitness centres/areas, parklands, café’s, and even major shopping malls, is in demand.

Why? There is a new generation of investors, home owners and renters looking for a lifestyle that has them out-and-about, spending more time on the beach and less time mowing lawns, more time sipping lattes at amazing cafes with family and friends and less time cleaning large homes, and most importantly having the convenient lifestyle that gives us the ability to spend less time driving and more time doing more of what we want to do.

The cost of living is growing, however, the growth in our incomes hasn’t changed as rapidly. This has meant buyers and home dwellers are being forced to change their dreams and change the way they see life, and modern living.

Have you ever been in a modern apartment these days? It’s quite amazing. There are pools, gymnasiums, saunas, garden areas, designated entertaining and barbeque areas and the most premium of apartments have full time concierges and even mini cinema theatres.

Inside the apartment, the biggest thing you will notice is the size of the modern home. They tend to be so much smaller and are designed to inspire you get out-and-about.

I live in a modern apartment and it’s proved to be a blessing in disguise. It’s given me a bird’s eye view of how a lot of our clientele are living. Why they are choosing businesses like Slim Meals to prepare their breakfasts, lunches and dinners, where you simply heat, eat and go. The kitchens are also significantly smaller in modern apartments, so yes, you can entertain but they really haven’t been designed to be an entertainer’s kitchen. They are about living life, getting outdoors and simply doing more.

Entertaining friends now means identifying amazing café’s and local eateries, which personally I think is great news for local, small businesses. It also means a change in our eating habits and I believe it’s all about moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

I would love to see the data in 10 years from now outlining if modern apartment living is in fact making us a healthier nation. I believe this new way of convenient living means more time doing things for yourself rather than just doing the necessary chores that get you through from week to week.

If you are living in a modern apartment, and haven’t completely utilised the new way of modern living, I honestly suggest you give it a go.

See where the best cafes are, try amazing dishes that don’t just taste good but are good for you, order your food online to save time buying groceries and spend more time visiting local attractions, such as beaches, as much as you can.  Even discover local parklands and head out for a walk, hike or bike ride. Making small changes every week, where you are getting out to do more, will drastically improve your mood and your overall health in so many ways.

Change is inevitable, this we are certain of. Instead of change forcing its way on to you, I say embrace it and initiate doing more for yourself. If you are new to the whole idea of modern apartment living then give it all a go. Join a gym, join a sports team, give yourself more time to laugh, discover your city and country more and while you are at it get on to and make your home an every day holiday destination. I regularly use Tripadvisor around Sydney as it helps me explore the hidden places I would have never thought to look for or read about.

Apartment modern living may not be for everyone but those people who have chosen this new lifestyle are now living a new kind of dream. A dream that has them doing more with the time they have.