Keep weight loss simple!

Keep weight loss simple!

In theory, it is a simple process but the weight loss journey is often one of the most challenging aspects of being healthy.

Therefore it is imperative that we speak the truth and understand what the fundamental parts are for successful and manageable weight loss.

There is always a price to pay when we consume unhealthy food and alcohol, and throughout my career in health and fitness I have learnt that so many of us are not truly prepared to ‘face the music’ when overcoming bad habits and poor health.

Confusion usually leads to procrastination and with an overwhelming amount of information and content available on the Internet, it is not surprising that people often do not now where to begin. From YouTube to Social media platforms, we are flooded with videos on exercises and healthy eating, however, we often do not see long term advances for people aiming to manage their weight, improve their health or simply feel and look their best.

We just have to remember to keep it simple, which is one of our philosophies at Slim Meals. Just think, “you ate your way there now eat your way back”, it’s that simple!

So to get you 1% closer to achieving your health goals keep it simple with these 5 key points:

  1. Drink lots of water! If you love coffee, then this is even more of a priority, as coffee affects your adrenal glands and therefore dehydrates you. We all know the importance of being hydrated and a good example of this is when we snack on bad food because we are actually thirsty.
  2. Love eating healthy. Consuming healthier foods consistently and daily is a lot easier than people realise. Discover the healthy options that you love to eat and then organise your meals in advance to avoid being stuck without the right food for your body. This will also allow you to lower the amount of sugar that you consume in a day. All foods have sugar so you must take time to eat foods that are low in processed or refined sugar.
  3. Move, move, move! You and I cannot escape the fact that we have to do a certain amount of exercise to improve our health. Even more so now, we don’t move enough as lives are becoming centred on convenience and statistics tend to show that our lack of movement is making us all fatter. Get yourself a wearable smart device, like an Apple iWatch as it will measure how much activity and movement you really do in a whole day, which keeps you informed on what energy you have expelled during the day.
  4. Get educated. One of the most important factors that I mention to all of my customers is to ensure you take time to learn about the foods you are eating. Most importantly, also try to be aware of the macros you consume – macros are the fats, proteins and carbohydrates you have in your meals. Being aware of what you are putting into your body is crucial in maintain your health long term.
  5. Consistency is key. Lastly, stay consistent and appreciate that everything you do has a consequence – either positive or negative. If you consistently make better choices for your body (and mind) your overall health and quality of life will certainly improve. Be consistent and revel in the benefits to your health and happiness.

As many of you know I work at Slim Meals , I love helping people find the best version of themselves. So why don’t you give Slim Meals  a go in helping you achieve your goals, improving your health and looking your best today!